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Rotofluid FTMS/FTM Series

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Rotofluid FTMS/FTM Series Rotofluid Rotary Gear Pump (Malaysia) Pump

Foam pressurizing Pump
Fluid Tech Systems offers “ROTOFLUID” brand gear pump Model “FTMS” which is heavy duty foot mounting type positive displacement rotary twin gear pump. Model “FTMS” having all stainless steel (SS-316) in four piece construction with investment cast.  Due to four piece construction it can be easily cleanable and maintainable. These pumps having a double helical refined SS-316 gear shaft that are nitrated to give longer life. Due to Double halical gear it prevent axial and side thrust which help to increase life & performance of pump. The teflon coated dry running DU bush  bearing, supported on bronze wearing plate, placed inside the pump casing, alternatively bronze wearing plate cum bushes  can also be provided for thicker viscous liquid application.  The stuffing box is fitted with “GFO” pack sealant with provision to fit mechanical  shaft seal.  These pumps  provide with add-on type pressure relief valve.  The jacketing construction should be selected to facilitate the heating of the pump by steam or thermic fluid etc.

These pumps having flange at the end of suction and delivery which are available in 1/2"  to 6" size.  These pumps can be operated up to pressure of 10 kg/cm²  with 13 LPM to 1335 LPM flow capacity. These pumps are suitable for maximum temperature up to 200ºc and maximum viscosity  up to 1,00,000 SSU.
Model – FTM

All feature are same as FTMS but there are the following changes :

Casing   : available in  C.I.  and  WCB casting.

Shaft     : available in  SS 316, EN-9, EN-36 and SAE 8620.

Gear      : available in SS 316 and  EN-24  H. nitride.

Material  of Construction
Part Material For FTMS Material For FTM
Pump Body ICF8M [SS-316] C.I/WCB Casting
Front Cover CF8M [SS-316] C.I/WCB Casting
Back Cover CF8M [SS-316] C.I/WCB Casting
Gland Cover CF8M [SS-316] C.I/WCB Casting
Rotor & Stator Shaft AISI [SS-316]/EN-57 EN-36/SS-316
Gear AISI [SS-316] AISI [SS-316]
Bushes Teflon Coated DU Teflon Coated DU
Wear Plate Non-Ferrous Non-Ferrous
R.V. Housing AISI [SS-316] AISI [SS-316]
R.V. Piston AISI [SS-316] AISI [SS-316]
R.V. Spring Spring Steel Spring Steel
R.V. AD. Screw EN-8 EN-8
Key SS-304 SS-304
Sealing “GFO” Peck/Mech. Seal “GFO” Peck/Mech. Seal
Technical  Specification
Model FTMS/FTM Suction & Delivery Size Capacity at 1440 RPM
050-S 1/2" x 1/2" 13.00 3.30 0.75
050-M 1/2" x 1/2" 16.60 4.40 1.00
100-S 1" x 1" 30.00 7.92 1.80
100-M 1" x 1" 37.50 9.90 2.25
150-S 1½" x 1½" 60.00 15.80 3.60
150-M 1½" x 1½" 75.00 19.80 4.50
200-S 2" x 2" 100.00 26.40 6.00
200-M 2" x 2" 125.00 33.00 7.50
250-S 2 ½" x 2 ½" 150.00 40.00 9.00
250-M 2 ½" x 2 ½" 200.00 52.90 12.00
300-S 3" x 3" 250.00 66.00 15.00
300-M 3" x 3" 333.00 88.00 20.00
400-S 4" x 4" 415.00 111.00 25.00
400-M 4" x 4" 500.00 132.90 30.00
500-S   5" x 5" 600.00 158.00 36.00
500-M 5" X 5"  750.00  197.50 45.00
600-S 6" X 6" 1000.00 263.00 60.00
600-M 6" X 6" 1335.00 351.00 80.00
Herringbone rotor design eliminate side thrust.
Modified tooth profile enhance tooth life.
Optional steam jacket pump available.
In-built relief valve construction
Gear is double helical design which prevent axial load.
Corrosion prevent pump
Foam pressurizing application for fire fighting.
High pressure coolant transfer application for machine tools.
Handling thinner liquid at moderate measuring.
Light fuel pressurizing application for loader and burners.
Heavy viscous liquid transfer application like Molasses, Magma, Tar, Bitumen, Soap stock, Paints, Varnish, Suspired, Sugar juice, Vegetable oil,  Printing ink, Paper pulp, Spent wash.

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